Should You Be Friends With Your Colleagues, Your Boss On Facebook?

Having an account on Facebook has become common for most of us. Usually, personal information and photos are posted and shared. If your colleagues or your boss ask you as a friend, should you accept or refuse? You hesitate to add them? Is it really the best thing to do? Should we mix professional and personal life?

Should we accept friend requests from our colleagues, our boss?

Have two Facebook accounts

You can create two Facebook accounts: one reserved for your loved ones, the other for your professional network. So, you just need to check that you are connected to the right account in order to play, publish statuses, publish photos …

User-friendliness and speed

Facebook is a user-friendly network that allows you to communicate and exchange documents quickly. If the content of your account is well controlled, why not accept requests?

Understanding and trust

If you are close to your coworkers or your boss, there seems to be no reason to refuse requests. For example, in small companies, the hierarchical level is not very visible, the workforce is small, so people are generally closer, even become friends.

Set up your account

Just because you accept your boss or coworkers doesn’t mean you have to completely deny yourself from using Facebook like you used to. Note that you can create groups and define what people in them have access to.

Do not send the invitation

It is better not to send the friend request, especially insofar as it is addressed to your superior, because the approach could seem interested.

Facebook for the personal sphere

You have the right to refuse requests, but it is better to give a reason so as not to upset or hurt people. If it’s because you don’t like the person, it might not be the best thing to say clearly. Indicate that you prefer to keep Facebook in your private circle.

Adding to a professional network

If you receive a friend request, you can also send an invitation to join a professional network such as LinkedIn in return. As a result, the person will surely understand for himself that you keep your Facebook account for your loved ones.

Do nothing

Leaving a received friendship request pending is not the best solution, even if you might think so. Indeed, if you do this by adding the fact that you never go on Facebook, it implies hiding your activity to be credible (not to change your profile picture or cover photo in particular).

Have a public profile

This is the worst mistake. If your account is public, and you don’t care who can access the information you post, everyone will see everything you do. It’s not the best way to look professional.

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